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As a FullStack Designer I have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of design, art and technology.
I am here to be a part of something bigger that will help a lot of people.
For over 7 years, I have come up with improvements and creative solutions in many different fields!

In my time as an entrepreneur and Freelance professional, I have gained experience in Project Management, Web development and many areas from the physical development of an industrial product to digital prototypes for websites and applications.

One of the highlights of my personality is the curiosity that has driven me to keep learning how and why everything is connected.
I encourage you to visit my various profiles as a designer!

At this moment I'm studying XR/AR Development for WebGL + Unity.

I am lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people throughout my career!

Thank you! ๐Ÿ™Œ 

Industrial Design

In this section you will find design and development of industrialized products. Technological process of production, ergonomics and material improvements.

UX / UI Design

This is my profile as a website designer, User Experience and User Interface Designer.
Here you will find prototypes of apps and websites.

General Design

Here is everything else: Character creation, sketches and illustrations, 3D models, animation, case studies, and more.

Game Design

Video Games, TableTop Games, VR/XR/AR and all the funny ideas that I might have.

Web Design & Development

Web Design and development, websites and Landing Pages with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. 

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